Dark Sky Brewery

A Microbrewery with a difference.

Nestled in Teesdale County Durham, an area of outstanding natural beauty, we brew to minimise impact but maximise experience. Surrounded by the stunning rural setting high in the North Pennines, its no wonder that once the area is discovered, it is never forgotten. Much like our beer.

Brewed in very small batches without the need for computers and automation, Dark Sky uses its surrounds to inspire something a little special in a glass. Something a little different, something worth taking time over.

Welcome to Dark Sky Brewery, beer with inspiration.

Site Under Construction: Steve@dskyb.co.uk

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Whilst we build our online store, visit The Teesdale Hotel, Middleton in Teesdale to drink and buy our beer.

Eddies Revenge

Reminiscent of the fine Pilsners of our continental friends, but made with indigenous hops, Eddie's Revenge craft beer is as cheeky as its namesake. (Eddie is a dog). Eddie helps with all aspects of brewing and like his beer, loves everyone. We hope you love it too.

Kikcarrions Ghost

Legend has it that the ghost of a Viking Chieftain occupies the clump of trees that keeps watch over Teesdale. (Those on the label…) With a deep red almost bloody colour, this beer can certainly stir the imagination. So sit back, relax and be at one with Kirkcarrions Ghost.

Early Dawn

With a deep amber colour reminiscent of the first rays of amber sunlight streaming across the North Pennines at dawn, we think the only thing that is as nice a sight is our Early Dawn beer. With a smooth taste worthy of its ABV, any evening can quickly move to dawn in the nicest possible way.